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Q:How to choose fish feeds

Since fish and shrimp feeds are characterized by high protein and low sugar, the dosage of protein feeds in fish and shrimp feed formulations is generally above 40%, and the highest can reach 80%; the protein quality of compound feeds (amino acids) The composition ratio) mainly depends on the protein quality of the various protein feeds used and the mutual complementation ability.
1. Animal protein feed: The crude protein content can reach up to 80%, and its main sources of protein include fish, shrimp, shellfish, by-products of aquatic products processing, and by-products of livestock and poultry processing.
2. Plant-based protein feed: The main sources of protein are soybean meal, cotton meal, alfalfa meal, rapeseed meal and other feeds. The absorption rate of fish feed produced by these feed materials is lower than that of animal protein.
Animal-based protein sources are better than plant-based protein sources, but they are not absolute, and should be chosen according to the physiological needs of each fish. Combined with the different physiological needs of fish, carnivorous fish should be fed a protein source feed based on animal protein raw materials, such as mullet and sea bass. Vegetarian fish can be fed protein source feeds based on plant protein raw materials, such as carp, crucian carp, grass carp, etc. Herbivorous fish such as grass carp and Wuchang fish can be fed all with forage, or some grass powder can be added to the feed, because the forage contains vitamins and cellulose, which is more suitable for the natural habits of herbivorous fish.
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