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Methods to reduce feed powdering rate

Pulverization is an unavoidable problem of pellet feed, but as long as the production process is reasonable, equipment operation is standardized, reasonable raw materials and formulas are selected, and management is strengthened, the pulverization rate of pellet feed can be completely reduced.
1. Raw materials with high starch content can be tempered at higher temperature and moisture, which can promote starch gelatinization, lubricate during granulation, and improve granulation output. rate is low.
2. The capacity of natural protein is large, and it is denatured after being heated, its plasticity and cohesiveness are increased, and less fine powder is produced when crushed, which is beneficial to the improvement of granulation output.
3. Appropriate addition of grease will make the particles tend to soften, reduce the resistance through the ring die, reduce the degree of wear of the ring die, and increase the granulation output, but the addition amount cannot exceed 3%. The addition of molasses can not only improve the nutritional value, but also can be used as a binder, which can improve the abrasion resistance and hardness of the feed.
4. For raw materials with extremely poor granulation performance, it can be considered to add some cements in an appropriate amount, such as starch, lignin, gelatin, etc., which can improve the granulation cohesion, but will increase the cost.