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Functions of chicken feed additives and its ingredients

The article will introduce the chicken feed additives and its ingredients.

Iron: affects eggshell color by affecting the hemoglobin content of laying hens.  Adding iron to feed can deepen eggshell color.

Zinc: Zinc is an active factor of carbonic anhydrase, which promotes the deposition of calcium carbonate by increasing the activity of carbonic anhydrase in plasma and eggshell glands, and improves eggshell weight and thickness.

Manganese: Manganese regulates the synthesis and metabolism of glycosaminoglycans, regulates the formation of glycosaminoglycans, affects the ultrastructure of eggshells, and then regulates eggshell quality.

Copper: Copper is involved in the formation of lysyl oxidase, which maintains the integrity of the eggshell membrane, and the matrix film in the eggshell is formed by the adhesion of a large number of collagen fibers.

All-organic iron, high-efficiency deposition, supplementing iron to produce blood, and brightening the shell glaze; reducing the damage of ferrous iron in the market to the intestinal tract, reducing the incidence of watery stools, thereby reducing the rate of dirty eggs.

Organic copper, organic zinc and organic manganese are scientifically compatible to improve the microstructure of eggshells, promote the effective deposition of calcium carbonate, and improve the strength of eggshells.