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Daily management of fish ponds

Daily management should pay attention to the inspection of fish ponds day and night.

(1) Measure the water temperature and air temperature in the morning, noon and evening every day, measure the pH value once a week, and measure the transparency twice. Xuntang once in the morning and at night.

(2) After the fish are placed in the pond, keep the water in the pond in a dark brown color with a transparency of 25 cm to 30 cm. Generally, fertilize once a week, and apply 150 kg to 200 kg of animal manure per mu each time. When the weather is fine and the water transparency is greater than 30 cm, the amount of fertilization can be appropriately increased; when the water quality is too fertilized, fertilization should be reduced or stopped, and new water should be injected. In the high temperature season, generally change the water once or twice a week, and change 20% to 30% of the pool water each time.

(3) Adhere to healthy farming, operate according to regulations, and prevent fish diseases. Before the seedlings are placed in the pond, soak the fish body with 5% salt water or 0.1 mg per liter of potassium permanganate solution for 10 to 15 minutes. Every 10 to 15 days, 15 kg to 20 kg of quicklime water should be sprinkled in the whole pond per mu to adjust the pH value of the pond water to be slightly alkaline, and use biological agents to improve the microbial structure of the pond and improve the water quality. Turn on the aerator when the dissolved oxygen is low and the fish has a slight floating head.
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