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Operation and use for using the feed pellet machine

Correct operation includes two aspects: one is to make the equipment give full play to its efficiency, strive to improve the output, and make the particle quality meet the requirements; the other is to use and maintain the equipment correctly to make it have a longer life. , ignoring any aspect is wrong. The granulator should be adjusted to the relevant parts of the machine before operation and use; secondly, the machine should be tested before operation, only in this way can the granulator be operated correctly.
After the test drive is all normal, you can start the official drive. When driving, you should pay attention to the sequence of starting up. The sequence should be from bottom to top. The steps are as follows:
1) Prepare for inspection according to each step of the test run.
2) Adjust the steam pressure and drain the condensed water in the steam pipe.
3) Start the main motor.
4) Start the quenching and tempering motor.
5) Start the feeding motor and adjust the feeder to the lowest speed.
6) Open the feeding door, and open the steam inlet valve at the same time, slightly adjust the speed of the feeding motor, and after pressing and discharging, gradually adjust the speed of the feeder and the amount of steam added to an appropriate level.
7) Adjust the cutter to make the particle length suitable.
8) Further adjust the speed of the feeder to make the working current reach the rated current value, and adjust the steam flow accordingly to make the temperature and humidity suitable.

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