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Correct operation of the granulator

When selecting the technological process, attention should also be paid to: ①At least two bins to be pelleted should be equipped to meet the needs of changing the formula; ②Before the feed enters the pellet mill, it must pass through the high-efficiency iron removal device to ensure that the pelleted feed enters the pellet mill. No iron impurities; ③The cooler should be placed directly behind the granulator. In this way, the wet and hot particles can be prevented from being broken; ④The crusher is best set under the cooler. The broken particles and granules are sent to the grading screen above the finished product warehouse through the elevator, which is conducive to the return of fine powder and sieve material, which is convenient for entering the warehouse.

Turn on the device
Air compressor → fan → Shakron air shutoff device;
Grading screen → bucket elevator → horizontal conveyor → crusher → cooler → cooler air shutoff;
Granulator main motor → conditioner motor → feeder motor (minimum speed);
Start granulation first, then gradually open the steam valve, and adjust the speed of the feeder at the same time;
Further adjust the speed of the feeder to make the working current close to the rated value, and adjust the steam flow accordingly to make the temperature and humidity of the material suitable after conditioning;
Adjust the cutter to make the particle length appropriate;
The pellets at the beginning do not enter the cooler, and then enter the cooler after it is basically normal.

Shutdown procedure
20-30 minutes before the shutdown, notify the boiler workers to stop steam and use the remaining steam to produce the remaining pellets;
Observe the return flow and determine the downtime according to the return flow;
When there is no material in the granulation bin and buffer hopper, it can be turned off, and the sequence is opposite to that when it is turned on; 2.2.4 First close the steam valve, and then gradually close the feeder and conditioner;
Feed oily material from the observation door (stop for more than 24 hours) to fill the ring die hole;

Turn off the main motor
After shutting down the main engine, it should be ensured that the pellets in the cooler have sufficient cooling time to avoid hot materials;
After the pellets in the cooler are exhausted, gradually close the crusher, bucket elevator and grading screen in order, and delay each other for about 2-5min;
Shut off the hydraulic system (if equipped).
Three essentials must be mastered in the production process: first grasp, second look, third adjustment
One grasp—— grasp the material from the observation port of the door of the granulator irregularly by hand,
Test the temperature and moisture. When just granulating, the material should be taken from the outlet of the granulator to observe the length uniformity of the granules;
Second look - often observe the readings of the thermometer and ammeter to understand the actual situation of granulation;
Three adjustments - adjust the cutter distance, feeder speed and the opening of the steam valve (adjustment of the amount of steam) according to "one grasp and two views".