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Correct disassembly and assembly method of ring die and pressing roller of pellet mill

Disassembly and assembly of the ring die of the pellet machine (taking the disassembly and assembly of the bolt connection ring die as an example)
◆ Disassembly procedure of bolt connection ring die
1. Open the door of the granulator after the power is turned off, adjust the gap between the pressure rollers, and clean the inside of the ring die.
2. When unloading the ring die on the hot granulator, workers should wear leather gloves to prevent burns.
3. Unscrew the ring die cover bolts and remove the ring die cover.
4. Open the side door of the granulator, and use a socket wrench to loosen the bolts respectively.
5. At least 2 people work together to remove the ring die with the lifting device.
6. After cleaning the removed ring die, place it in the setting area of the spare ring die.
 ◆ Installation procedure of bolted ring die
1. The connection method between the ring die and the main shaft is to tighten the main shaft flying disc and the ring die by bolts, so as to bear the full load in a tight fit. Therefore, the key to installation is that each bolt is evenly stressed without any looseness. At the same time, ensure that the axis of the ring die is concentric with the main axis. Bolts with broken ends must be removed before they can be installed.
2. Check the qualified bolt holes on the inner surface of the ring die and the wear-resistant ring on the main shaft flying disc before installation.
3. Use the ring die lifting device to lift the ring die to fit the flying disc, and pay attention to the position of the positioning pin.
4. Install the bolts from the side, and "eat" 1/3 of the depth one by one, and then tighten the bolts symmetrically and gradually.
5. Use a dial indicator to check that the end face runout on the surface of the ring die cannot exceed 0.15-0.2mm, check the runout while rotating the ring die, and adjust the corresponding screw pairs later until it meets the requirements.
6. Tighten all bolts symmetrically with a torque wrench.
Finally, adjust the die roll gap and connect the ring die cover with bolts.
 Disassembly and assembly of the press roller of the pellet mill
◆ The disassembly procedure of the pressure roller
1. Open the door cover, remove the ring die cover and the feeding scraper.
2. Remove the adjusting gear and the pressing plate of the pressing roller, and remove the general term of the pressing roller from the supporting rod of the pressing roller.
3. Straighten the stop plate of the circle nut stop washer on the pressure roller, and remove the circle nut.
4. Squeeze the roller shaft with a mechanical or hydraulic press until the roller shaft is separated from the bearing and the housing. If you want to knock, you must put a thick wooden board.
5. Take out the outer ring of the bearing with a suitable puller, or knock it out carefully with a copper rod.
6. Take out the sealing retaining ring, bearing and spring retaining ring from the housing.
7.  Check the disassembled parts, if there are serious wear, damage, or broken parts, they should be replaced. 

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