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How to breed catfish

1. Feeding needs to be reasonable
During the breeding process, the feed should be reasonable, and the feed should not be too much each time, so as to prevent the catfish from eating too much esophagus. When the catfish are in the seedling stage, the feed they are fed should be chopped to facilitate the feeding and digestion of the juveniles; pelleted feed can be added when they are 2 months old, and some protein can also be added to the feed to ensure balanced nutrition.

2. Disease prevention
The disease resistance of catfish is not very strong, and it is more prone to disease. The most common one is indiscriminate disease. Generally, the fry may be infected within a month after being placed. It is manifested as many blisters of different sizes on the fry, and the fins are red and swollen. , and then the catfish slowly decayed until they died.
During the breeding process, a certain proportion of quicklime or bleaching powder is regularly poured into the pond to disinfect the pond, and some anti-disease drugs can be mixed with the feed.

3. Fishing harvest
When placing fry, pay attention to the size and density. Generally, it can be fished after about 100 days of breeding. Before fishing, the water in the pond is drained, and some cages with feed are placed in the pond or fishing nets are used directly for fishing. When fishing, it should be noted that the smaller catfish need to continue to be cultured in ponds. After reaching the market size, they will be caught and sold. After catching, the water in the pond should be restored to its original position and disinfected once.