Cattle Feed Pellet Production Line
Cattle Feed Pellet Production Line
Cattle Feed Pellet Production Line
Cattle Feed Pellet Production Line
Cattle Feed Pellet Production Line
Cattle Feed Pellet Production Line

Cattle Feed Pellet Production Line

200kg - 5t
Main Machine:
Crusher, Mixer, Pellet machine, Dryer, Cooler
Used for cattle farm, feed pellet industry, pellet mill, etc.
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Main Equipment
How To Make Cattle Feed?
If you have a cattle farm and want to feed your cattle very well, there are several machines you must own: crusher, mixer, pellet making machine, cooler.
The pellets are very nutritional and can satisfy the growth needs of cattle in different growth stages.
Complete feed pellet production line used corn, wheat, soybean, grain, soybean meal, cotton seed meal, stone powder, premix and some other biomass material as raw material to produce feed pellet.
Good production line will produce better feed pellets.
Main Equipment
Complet Cattle Feed Pellet Production Line include:
crusher: It uses a positive pressure, high-speed rotating rotor to generate a large centrifugal force, and the raw material is sucked into the pulverizing chamber to be pulverized.
mixer: The machine is mixed with the high speed rotation of the stirring blade in the surface barrel and it is suitable to produce prower/mash feed.
extruder: The machine can press solid and viscous media through a die. Raw materials going in, your product comes out and is cut to size.
dryer: The machine is used in drying animal feed pellet, and the high temperature make raw material on steel belt recycling drying.
screening: After the pellet feed is processed, some powder clots that do not meet the requirements, and the pellet needs to be sieved with uniform granules and uniform size.
cooler: The cooling machine can reduce feed pellets temperature to a slightly higher level than room temperature, which can ensure the quality of the cattle feed.
elevator: The purpose of the hoist is to transport all feed pellets And the elevator is divided into two types: bucket elevator and screw elevator.
packing: The process of weighing, bagging and slitting the finished product by automatic packaging equipment and are shipped in two forms: bulk and bagged.
The different between livestock feed pellet line and poultry feed pellet machine:
If you need large capacity like 1-2t or even more, you can use the ring-die chicken feed pellet machine and the difference is on the base of adding the Forced feeder.
But if you need small production, the feed pellet line is same with the poultry.

How To Make Cattle Feed?
Crushing process: The raw materials in the pulverized silo are fed into a pulverizer to be pulverized into powdery raw materials, and then distributed to each batching bin by a conveyor according to the raw material type, and the main equipment is a pulverizer. The purpose of the comminution is to increase the specific surface area of the feed and to improve the utilization of the feed by the animal.
Mixing process: the process of uniformly mixing the ingredients of the batching scale, the core equipment is the mixer.  Ultimately affect the feeding effect.  Mixing should be controlled well, the uniformity is gradually reached the best uniformity with the increase of mixing time, but after mixing evenly and then prolonging the mixing time, the delamination of raw materials will occur.
Extruder: The cattle pellet machine used for production is mainly a single-screw extrusion expander, which can be further divided into a dry extrusion extruder and a humidity extrusion extruder. The extrusion equipment currently used is mostly wet and dry. Using different parameters, the extruder can produce buoyant, sinking, slow feed and semi-wet feed, which can adapt to the feeding requirements of various aquatic animals.
Dryer and Cooling: In the process of extruding, a large amount of heat is generated due to the introduction of high temperature and high humidity steam while the material is squeezed, which makes the temperature and humidity of the extruded particles higher. For adhesion and mildew, the moisture must be reduced to below 14%, and the temperature must be lowered to below 8°C higher than the air temperature. SKLN counterflow cooler is used for cooling.
Screening: After the pellet feed is processed by the pulverization process, some powder clots and other materials that do not meet the requirements will be produced, the crushed pellet feed needs to be sieved into products with uniform granules and uniform size.
Packaging: The process of weighing, bagging and slitting the finished product by automatic packaging equipment. Generally, the finished products are shipped in two forms: bulk and bagged. Due to the restrictions of transportation equipment and large-scale feeding, the bagging method is often adopted. The automatic weighing system can weigh different feeds according to customer needs.
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