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100kg/h fish feed extruder shipped to Cameroon

See the 100kg/h fish feed extruder shipped to Cameroon, and if you are also interested in LIMA fish feed machine, welcome to lima machinery.
Aquaculture, in the form of fish farming, was introduced into Cameroon in 1948. Since then, the country has been party to several bilateral projects and a variety of different programmers in this sector to encourage the adoption of this new form of fish culture. It has been done somewhat timidly, and the output has been modest.

Fish culture began in 1948 with tilapia followed by catfish. In 1969, the common carp was introduced followed by the African bonytongue (Heterotis niloticus). In 1990, the aquaculture fish stocks once again expanded, with the arrival of grass carps. (Source: FAO)