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The notice about catfish raising

To further explain, compared with nature, a fish pond is also a small ecological environment, where there is also a strong prey to the weak. The number of catfish grows very fast, and the fish in the same pond will also have differences during the growth process. Therefore, it is very important to screen the pond in time. The breeders can use fish nets to separate the fish ponds, just like we usually use sieves to screen objects of different sizes, use fish sieves of different specifications to screen and separate fish of different physiques, so that the weak catfish fry leave those big ones. to their fish.
After the fry are stocked, they are screened every 7-10 days, and the fast-growing and slow-growing fry are cultured in separate ponds, so as to ensure the healthy growth of leather catfish and the neat specifications of the pond. Breeding in greenhouses, the nutrition of catfish is completely dependent on artificial feed, and the quality of feed and feeding are the keys to achieve the desired yield.

Catfish are carnivorous omnivorous fish. Sexual bulimia, large food intake, the daily food intake is 5% - 8% of the body weight, and the maximum daily food intake can reach more than 15%. For the first month of the fry entering the pond, they are mainly fed with concentrated feed. The protein content in the feed is appropriately high. The feeding amount is 8-10% of the total weight of the fish, so that the fish can eat well. The eel compound feed sold on the market is a good choice, just add water to the eel feed and stir evenly and feed it. 3-4 cm fry, fed 3 to 4 times a day. The invention provides a catfish culture method, which has the characteristics of rich nutrition, tender meat, and more protein and fat.