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The best mix of pig feed

1. Bran feed.
Such feeds include rice bran, wheat bran, sweet potato vine bran, peanut vine bran, broad bean leaf bran, soybean straw bran, etc. Pig dosage is 10-15% of the total feed, up to 20%.
2. Meal feed.
Mainly include rapeseed cake, peanut cake, cottonseed cake, soybean cake, sesame cake, etc. The proportion of pig cake feed is 10%-25% of the total feed. Soybean cake and peanut cake are nutritious and can be matched with 25%; rapeseed cake and cottonseed cake should be less than 10%. Rapeseed cakes and cottonseed cakes should be detoxified first as feed, and other cakes only need to be boiled or fried to be fed. Piglet feed should not add cakes.
feed pellet
3. Slag feed.
Including distiller's grains, bran grains, vinegar grains, powder residue, bean bagasse, bagasse, etc. Pig dosage is 5-10% of the total feed. Pregnant sows and late fattening should not be fed with distiller's grains. All kinds of dregs must be cooked before feeding.
4. Grain feed.
Including corn, barley, wheat, sorghum, broad beans, peas, etc. Pig consumption is 50% of the total feed, up to 60%.
5. Animal feed.
Including silkworm chrysalis, fish meal, bone meal, blood meal, feather meal, etc. Pig dosage is 4-8% of the total feed, and piglets should not be fed blood meal. 10% of fish meal can be added to the feed for fattening pigs. If it is mixed with silkworm pupae, only 5-6% of fish meal can be added. When using this type of feed, pay attention to the ratio of calcium and phosphorus.
6. Mineral feed.
Including shell powder, eggshell powder, calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate and salt, etc. The dosage of pigs is 1-2% of the total feed, and the amount of salt should not exceed 0.5%. If trace elements are added, they must be used in strict accordance with the regulations.
7. Green feed.
Including aquatic duckweed, water lotus, water hyacinth, water peanut and leaves, vines, alfalfa, and thorn seeds of crops. This kind of feed is green, juicy, nutritious and easy to digest, and generally accounts for 40% of the total feed.
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