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How to prepare your own fish feed

Requirements of the formulation
Fish feed formulation and use of technology, design formulas to consider the species and growth stages of farmed fish and determine the level of protein, energy and other nutrients in the feed. Both to meet the protein needs of fish growth, but also to make the energy and protein ratio is moderate, too high and too low energy-protein ratio is not conducive to fish growth. When designing the formula, also consider the relationship between feed nutrition and capacity. To ensure that the fish can consume enough nutrition, but also to make them feel full. Generally speaking, the price of protein feed is higher than the energy feed, do not be greedy for cheap to increase the proportion of energy feed and reduce the proportion of protein feed, but will invariably increase the cost of feed. The selection of raw materials to adhere to the principle of high quality and low price, stable sources, convenient transportation. The more types of raw materials the better, as long as the conditions allow, so as to ensure that the balance of essential amino acids in the feed to meet the maximum demand for various essential amino acids of fish. Absolutely no moldy and deteriorated raw materials should be used.

The advantages and disadvantages of using self-batching in aquaculture
(A) the advantages of self-batching
1, can reduce the cost of aquaculture. Raw material self-assembly, and reduce the various links in the circulation of feed, can effectively reduce the cost of feed.
2, visible raw materials, quality can be guaranteed, can effectively eliminate moldy raw materials and poor quality raw materials into the feed.
3, the raw materials in the feed can be flexible allocation, more easily to meet their own breeding needs.

(B)the shortcomings of self-batching
1, feed formula and large feed mills compared to the lack of science and rationality.
2, the quality of raw materials in fish meal, most farmers can not accurately grasp, it is easy to buy poor quality or counterfeit fish meal, affecting the quality of self-batching.
3, the feed processing plant processing process to be improved, especially some of the small processing plant, processing out of the feed often appear raw material mixing Uneven, high rate of feed pulverization, easy to disperse after entering the water and other problems